Vila Micro is an idea to research and develop Single Board Computers based on classic and modern microprocessors. It's part of Vila Industries (along with Vila Effectors and Vila Pinball), a set of different hobby projects created and developed by Damian Vila.


Microtronics are Single Board Computers in a Raspberry Pi 3 footprint. The idea is to develop a small, cheap Retro Home SBC, reminiscent of 1980s Home Computers, with a BASIC interpreter. The CPU could be either a retro-compatible one (z80, 6502) or a modern one (RP2040, ESP32). A set of tools for game design (sprite editor, level designer, music tracker) must be included with every system, to encourage the creative use of the platform.

NOTE: This project will, most probably, never be developed, for two main reasons: on one side, and most importantly, it's well beyond my current knowledge, and on the other side, very similar (and expertly designed) systems already exist, that fill this void. If you want to check those, just visit The Byte Attic's Agon Light, Geoff's PicoMiteVGA or Martin K's Z-Berry. Another nice (but now mainly abandoned) project was Uli's BASIC Engine.